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How to Mod your Gamerscore with Profile Editor And Not Get Banned.( USB )

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How to Mod your Gamerscore with Profile Editor And Not Get Banned.( USB ) Empty How to Mod your Gamerscore with Profile Editor And Not Get Banned.( USB )

Post  Guest Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:38 pm

First off you'll need 3 programs. I took the liberty of uploading them for you.

Profile Editor
Xtaf release GUI

If you already have these then good. (Just a note, it's recommended you run all these as Administrator. Just right click them and click "Run as administrator")

1) On your xbox, move the profile you'd like to mod onto your USB. Then connect your USB to your computer.

2) Open up Xtaf and click File>Open first USB drive. Then follow the path Data Partition>Content>your profile>FFFE07D1>0010000 and drag your profile onto your desktop (or where ever you like)

3) Minimize Xtaf and open Profile Editor and load your profile. Now you'll see a list of every game you've played. Now this is where you need to pay attention.

There are 2 kinds of Achievements. Ones you unlock offline, and ones you unlock online. Click "Unlock all (offline)" but you're not done. Now you need to go through the list and pick out the ones that are unlocked online. For example. On Call of Duty: Black Ops the achievement "Ready for deployment" requires you to reach level 10 on Combat Training. So click that achievement, on the bottom-right corner click "Online" then pick a date and time. This is vital for making it look more legit. Just pick any day and time (as long as its not before the game came out or in the future lol) and click "set"

Just repeat this process and your chances of becoming banned are much slimmer. Once you're done with modding your gamerscore click "File>Save" and exit Profile Editor.

Now open Modio, click Open a save and choose your profile. Click "Rehash and Resign." Back on Xtaf, drag your newly modded profile in (if your previous one is still there, delete it then drag the modded one in). Put your USB back in your xbox and you're all set.

Please note that with modding anything comes the risk of getting banned. Following these steps makes your chances of getting caught much more slim. You still may get banned regardless. So please take caution.


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