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How to Mod Forza 3 Money ! USB

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How to Mod Forza 3 Money ! USB Empty How to Mod Forza 3 Money ! USB

Post  Guest Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:35 pm

Heey. Today am gonna show you Guys How to Mod Your Forza 3 Credits,Level & XP

Xbox 360 Tools For Mods:

2) Get a Forza 3 save On a USB Drive and then Put it in you're computer.

3)Open up Modio(Explore Device) and Extract you're save to desktop.

4)After Installing Xbox Tools open it up and Click on E-H and Open Up Forza 2 or 3.

5)Hit the 'Open' Button and Then Put you're save in( It Should Be Called 'ForzaProfile'.

6) Then have Fun Modding EVERYTHING YOU WANT -Credits only mod upto 999,999,999(Dont put Commas)

7) Click Save When Finished.

Cool Then Delete You're old save and Inject You New Save(On Desktop)

9) Go Back On Forza 2 or 3 and MAKE SURE YOU DO A SEASONPLAY Race Before you spen ANYTHING!

10) There you go ;D Byeee


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