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Post  xMz Hoster Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:42 am

Please Follow these Simple Rules, Read these Regular Basis to see anything has changed.

1) No trolling
Example: Pretending to be somebody that your not.

2) No Spamming
Example: Constantly posting the same thing over and over again.

3) No flaming
Example: Starting problems with people for no reason or just generally calling people bad names.

4) No posting copyright protected content
Example: Posting a link to download photoshop for free.

5) No outside advertising
Example: Posting a link to another site in order to gain members. Obviously if somebody shares a link to help another member out this will not be classed as advertising.

6) No rep boosting
Example: Repping each other back and forward in order to gain rep.

7) No selling any content that does not belong to you
Example: Selling a gamertag that doesnt belong to you.

8 ) No racism/facism
Example: Calling somebody a racist remark.

9) No demanding rep for invites / You can simply ask for rep
Example: Demanding somebody reps you before you invite them to a lobby or game.

10) No demanding youtube subscribers for invites / you simply ask for them
Example: Demanding somebody subscribes to your youtube channel for a invite to your lobby.

11) No random trashy threads
Example: Threads that have no meaning such as "LOL" or "LMAO".

12) No selling malicous content
Example: Xbox live host booters or other hacking related content, we are a game modding site not a hacking site.

13) Please no proxies
Reason: We have akismet spam protection and 99.9% of all proxies are flagged on akismet. If you use one and you get banned for spamming dont say i didnt warn you.

14) No discussing hacking
Example: Talking about hacking another person or site, we have a nice community here and dont want to destroy it by talking about topics such as these.

15) No hosting lobbys with a previously banned members gamertag
Example: If somebody has been previously banned they are no longer allowed to host on the site, so dont use there gamertag.

16) No enforcing rules pretending to be a moderator
Example: Going on to posts and saying "your going to get banned for this" or "reported" or "warned", Also no telling members what they can and cant do, leave that to the admin and the moderators please.

19) Do not make a thread for a lobby if your not the person hosting it
Example: Making a thread for somebodys lobby that isnt a member of this site.

20) No using advertising sites link shrinkers
Example: Adf.ly a site which shortens a link but everytime somebody clicks your link you get paid $0.01, Adf.ly insights spam and we dont like spam.

21) Please dont report threads titled closed
Info: We dont close threads that are marked closed, we leave them open incase the person who has marked it closed wants to re-open there lobby, thanks.

We allow

1) Other sites mods - We allow infections from all other modding sites whether they spam another site or not.
2) Keep thread alive - We allow users to ask for replies to keep a thread alive.
3) Multiple accounts - We allow users to have multiple accounts per ip (Maximum 5, any previous banned accounts will result in every account on that ip banned)
4) Your allowed to ask for youtube subscribers for a invite to your lobby..

Marketplace rules

As any Marketplace, the ModGalore Marketplace takes scamming and product safety very seriously, but you are to be advised to use your common sense and caution when dealing with any other user. The ModGalore administration and staff will not be held responsible for any product or service not licensed by us.

For your safety and knowledge, a few regulations and rules have been provided when dealing in the Marketplace.
Be warned. Infractions of any kind will be taken very seriously and can be met with by the Staff at any time by means of temporary or permanent bans, warning levels, or limited posting rights.•No Marketplace Thread Trashing - This is when a user tries to discourage customers from buying a certain product on a thread without a proper reason. This includes linking customers to your own thread (even if you offer better prices).

•Do not try to buy, sell, or offer services that have to do with fraud. This includes, but is not limited to, credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal accounts, identity theft.

•No Leaking/Reselling Products - The only exception to this is if the original seller gives you resell rights or decides to release the product for free. Other than that, NEVER try to leak or resell products without permission from the original seller first. Make sure to report the user to the appropriate person if you find someone doing this.

•No selling copywright protected content - Never try and sell anything that is protected by the DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) We take all copyright laws seriously and work with a end user agreement meaning that if you get caught selling copyright protected content here then you are responsable for any legal action taken against you.

•Follow all Xmodz Rules - Make sure to follow all the above rules. Remember to always be respectful to other members, and report someone if you find them breaking the official Xmodz or Marketplace rules.
Rules will be subject to change on a regular basis.

All copyright laws apply on this site.

Issue with the rules? contact the site admin.

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